3 Easy 5-minute Dips

THREE EASY FIVE MINUTE DIPS If you’re having people over for the big game, or even if you’re watching with immediate family, or heck, if you’re watching the game by yourself, you know that you want dips and chips and other finger food at your side. Here’s some easy dips for you to indulge: Blue […]

how to prepare hot chocolate

How to prepare hot chocolate?

PREPARING HOT CHOCOLATE Hot chocolate is a heated beverage that typically consists of shaved chocolate or cocoa powder, heated milk or water, and sugar. While hot chocolate is generally thought of as a drink consumed for pleasure, recent studies have suggested that hot chocolate possesses health benefits due to antioxidants that can be found in […]

How To Cook Beef in Oyster Sauce?

Beef in Oyster Sauce Recipe Ingredients: 8 ounces beef steak 2 tbsp oyster sauce 1 tbsp dry sherry 1 tbsp corn starch 4 ounces broccolli 4 ounces bamboo shoots 1 carrot, peeled 4 ounces button mushrooms or chinese dried mushrooms 4 tbsp oil 2 slices fresh gingerroot, peeled and chopped 2 scallions, chopped 1 tsp […]


How To Make Chicken Marinades?

Preparing Chicken Marinades Marinades serves as a meat tenderizer and flavor enhancer. The process may last seconds or days depending on the texture of meat. All meats benefit from the tenderizing effects of marination. Marination is the process of soaking foods in a seasoned, often acidic, liquid before cooking. The process includes the use of […]

Subway Restaurant Franchise

Franchising Subway Restaurant Background Founded: 1965 Franchising since: 1974 In 1965, 17-year-old Fred DeLuca and family friend Peter Buck opened Pete’s Super Submarines in Bridgeport, Connecticut. With a loan from Buck for only $1,000, DeLuca hoped the tiny sandwich shop would earn enough to put him through college. After struggling through the first few years, […]

How to Cook Fish Fillet?

Fish Fillet in Mayo Dip Recipe Ingredients: 1/2 kilo tanigue or any fish for fillet, cut into strips 1/2 lemon 2 cups all purpose flour ground pepper to taste salt to taste cooking oil for deep frying For Mayo Dip: 1/2 cup light mayonnaise 1 tbsp garlic, chopped salt to taste pepper to taste Procedures: […]

Different Types of Restaurant

DIFFERENT TYPES OF RESTAURANT A restaurant is an establishment that serves prepared food and beverages to be consumed on the premises. However, the world of restaurants is extremely different. The alternatives can be a bit immense. Deciding on where to eat can sometimes end up in a dispute. There are essentially three ways to categorize […]

vegetarian diet

Vegetarian Diet: What Is It All About?

Vegetarian Diet Vegetarians choose to be one due to specific reasons such as religious beliefs, insufficiency of meat supply, body consciousness, ethical beliefs, environmental and other reasons but majority shift to vegetarian diet to take advantage of the low-fat, cholesterol-free, high fiber and nutrient rich advantage of plants. Buying Organic for Ingredients Many vegetarians prefer […]


What is Cooking?

Understanding Cooking Cooking refers to the method of preparing food through the heat. Heat is used in cooking foods because it can eradicate potentially unsafe organisms including bacteria and viruses. It also refers to the mixing of the right amount of ingredients in a prearranged procedure for producing quality food. The process comprises a set […]

shrimp recipe

Shrimp Recipe: Shrimp Foo Young

Shrimp Recipe: Shrimp Foo Young Ingredients: 5 eggs 1 cup chopped shrimp 1 cup shredded onion 1/4 cup chopped water chestnuts 1/4 to 1/2 cup fresh bean sprouts 1/2 cup thinly sliced mushrooms 2 tablespoons soy sauce Procedures: Beat eggs until thick. Add shrimp, onions, water chestnuts, bean sprouts, mushrooms, and soy sauce to eggs […]

chili prawn recipe

Chili Prawn Recipe

Chili Prawn Recipe I’m sure most of you love shrimp as it is one of the most popular and preferred seafood variant. This chili prawn recipe is easy to prepare and cook. For less than twenty minutes, you can have a healthy, flavorful and nourishing dish. It can be served as an appetizer or as […]

figaro coffee franchise

How To Apply For Figaro Coffee Company Franchise?

APPLY FOR A FIGARO COFFEE FRANCHISE The Figaro Coffee Company was established in 1993 by a group of seven friends, whose zeal for coffee was acquired from their travels all over the world. This passion began as a hobby of brewing, tasting and experimenting with many varieties of coffee from around the globe. It soon […]

Easy Homemade Donut Recipe

EASY HOMEMADE DONUT RECIPE Are you thinking of something to serve for the snack that is easy and quick to prepare? Well, here’s a donut recipe that is not just an easy and quick snack option but may also be another source of income. Ingredients: 1/3 cup sugar 1/2 cup milk 1 egg 2 tablespoons […]

How To Make a Nutritious and Delicious Salad?

Tips to a Nutritious and Delicious Salad Salads are a wonderful treats for everyday meals and for every occasion. Aside from their cool and refreshing qualities, salads also give color and appetite appeal even to the simplest meals. Salad originated from the Latin word “sal” which means “salt”. Hence, from the “sal” came “salad”. It […]


How to make a Frappuccino?

PREPARING FRAPPUCINO Frappuccino is a registered trademark of Starbucks and is the name of a blended ice beverage which is sold in every Starbuck’s store. It is also sold in the form of a bottled coffee beverage in stores across the US. Here’s a simple way of making Frappuccino; Ingredients: 1 tsp sugar 1/4 tsp […]