What is The “After 6 Diet” Program

“After 6 Diet” Program

When we talk about diet programs, one program that will surely come to our mind is the “After 6 Diet”. What does it mean?

First, let us define the word “diet”. According to the vocabulary, “it is the entirety of food that we consume”, meaning, it is the overall quantity of foods that we eat as part of our dietary preference.

So, what kind of program is the “After 6 Diet”? If we say that, “diet is the total quantity of foods that we eat”, therefore, the “After 6 Diet” is the sum of foods that we acquire after 6 pm? Is it right? NO!

After 6 Diet” is a diet program wherein an individual stops eating after 6 pm. It is the trendy version of the old saying, “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a beggar”. The program implies that an individual can eat whatever they want and not gain weight provided that it is done before 6 PM since foods consumed during the day are not stored in our body in the same way as foods consumed at night.


The purpose of eating is to stimulate our body and to get the energy that we need to enable us to function well. Let’s say, we eat at 7 pm or 8 pm and we are going to bed at 10 pm, then, looking back the purpose of eating, we can say that, definitely, the food that we ate will not help our body by all means. Our body needs to relax during night time; therefore, we do not need a great amount of energy. Now, the foods that we take after 6pm will only be stored in our body thus the accumulation of weight.


Avoiding late night eating would certainly trim a fair amount of fats from our daily food consumption. And that is the primary reason of this program, to cut off a few weight from our body. So, the longer we observe the program, the larger amount of weight can be shaved off from our body weight.


To avoid such unhealthy eating habits is to plan your meals during the day. Aim to consume at least two thirds of your calories before supper and eat earlier in the day. Brushing your teeth after eating your last meal will also help as this will encourage you not to consume anything afterwards. Maximize your meals. Minimize alcohol intake as it can trigger your appetite. And lastly, go to bed early.


The “After 6 Diet” will work best if you follow the balanced diet, 8 glasses of water and the proper exercise. If you eat more then you should burn more. If you eat more than you burn then you will gain weight. So, eat less, burn more and definitely you will lose weight!!!

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