All About Vegetarians

Are you a vegetarian?

Vegetarians choose to be one due to specific reasons such as religious beliefs, insufficiency of meat supply, ethical beliefs, environmental and other reasons but majority shift to vegetarian diet to take advantage of the low-fat, cholesterol-free, high fiber and nutrient rich advantage of plants.

Buying Organic for Ingredients

Many vegetarians prefer organic ingredients, however, most produce available in the local market are grown with chemicals, thus, careful buying and proper cleaning of produce are fundamental. So, buying those chemical-free produce offer a safer, better quality, better tasting ingredients than those that are commercially produced.

Planning Menus the Vegetarian Way

Creating menus is challenging but gradually you’ll find the process simple and fulfilling. Begin planning by considering the season, climate, your family’s preference and of course the nutritional needs. Countless combinations can be devised such as fresh green salad combined with vegetable stew or dishes made from grains, beans, tofu and other kind of vegetables can be served and don’t forget to add fresh fruits or desserts to compliment the meal.

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