Kenny Roger’s Roasters Franchising

KENNY ROGER’S ROASTERS FRANCHISING In 1995, Kenny Rogers Roasters, one of the famous US-franchised concept was brought in the Philippines by Roasters Philippines Inc..  In the first few weeks of operation, Kenny Roger Roasters brought enormous delight to its early patrons.  Not so long after it opened, Kenny built a loyal following for its roasted […]

Red Ribbon Bakeshop Franchise

RED RIBBON BAKESHOP FRANCHISE Celebrate Life’s Beautiful Moments with Red Ribbon! From the grand, splendid and noteworthy revelries to the sweet, intimate and more personal affairs, everyone has beautiful moments to be thankful for everyday. From birthdays and christenings to weddings and anniversaries, Red Ribbon have countless reasons to celebrate. Whether these are certified red-letter days or just especially personal and meaningful days, […]

Hardee’s Charbroiled Thickburger Franchise

HARDEE’S CHARBROILED THICKBURGER FRANCHISE Wilber Hardee opened his first namesake restaurant in Greenville, North Carolina in 1960. Five months later he had his first franchisee and over the years his burger chain has spread to become a favorite throughout the Midwestern and Southeastern United States. Hardee’s® has built a position as one of America’s premier […]

Mang Inasal, Philippines Inc. Franchise

MANG INASAL FRANCHISE MANG INASAL Philippines is the fastest growing quick serve restaurant (QSR) in the country today- and the biggest QSR specializing in chicken inasal and other Pinoy favorites. The business started in Iloilo City, Philippines on December 12, 2003. After almost five (5) years of success in the business, the Company continues to […]


Can Business Franchising Assure Success?

DOES BUSINESS FRANCHISING ASSURE SUCCESS? A lot of up-and-coming entrepreneurs believe that buying a franchise is an assurance for success. They feel that the franchise fee that is paid up-front ensures them a proven business system. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! It is not easy to enumerate franchise failures because in many instances […]


Does Business Franchise Fail?

THE TOP 15 FRANCHISE FAILURES  The recession has hit franchise owners particularly hard, with the Small Business Administration (SBA) reporting record loan default rates for 2008-2009. According to the SBA, individuals who took on SBA loans to finance a franchise had a 43% higher failure rate than in 2007. In total, those franchise losses cost […]

figaro coffee franchise

How To Apply For Figaro Coffee Company Franchise?

APPLY FOR A FIGARO COFFEE FRANCHISE The Figaro Coffee Company was established in 1993 by a group of seven friends, whose zeal for coffee was acquired from their travels all over the world. This passion began as a hobby of brewing, tasting and experimenting with many varieties of coffee from around the globe. It soon […]

mini stop store franchise

How To Apply For A Mini Stop Convenience Store Franchise?

APPLY FOR A MINI STOP CONVENIENCE STORE FRANCHISE MINISTOP at a glance Since it opened its doors to the Philippines in December 2000, MINISTOP has always envisioned becoming the leader in the convenience store industry. MINISTOP has made its presence felt by being the community’s warmest and friendliest modern combo store. It takes pride in […]

business franchise

7-Eleven Franchise

Welcome to 7-Eleven Franchising. Our doors are always open and our friendly store teams are ready to serve you. Come in to any 7-Eleven store and you’ll find a great selection of fresh, high-quality products at an everyday fair price, along with speedy transactions in a clean, safe, friendly shopping environment. What started out as […]


Best Franchise Start Up – Ten Tips To Find What’s Best

Before you find the best franchise start up for yourself, you need to first understand the industry. Franchises are of three kinds consisting of services, products and wholesale distribution. There are certain factors which you will have to take into account before deciding on the type of best franchise start up you should open. These […]


Franchise Investigation – Five Things To Find Out

Let us first understand what is meant by ‘franchise investigation’. These are the areas of information you need to discover before investing your hard earned money on a new franchise opportunity. This is sometimes called ‘due diligence’. When doing a franchise investigation, a prospective buyer of a franchise gathers detailed information about the business potential […]


How to Find the Best Site for your Franchise Business?

Finding the best site for your franchise business is a vital decision. This decision will eventually make or break your franchise business. Consult your family and friends as to where is the best location for the kind of your business. To get advice, Click Here! There are tools that are being used to determine the […]

Dunkin’ Donut Franchise

Franchising Dunkin Donut Dunkin’ Donuts was founded in 1950 by Bill Rosenberg. He opened the first  shop in Quincy, Massachusetts. Dunkin’ Donuts licensed the first of many franchises in 1955. Dunkin’ Donuts is the world’s largest coffee and baked goods chain, serving more than 3 million customers per day. Dunkin’ Donuts sells 52 varieties of donuts […]

Pizza Hut Franchise

Franchising Pizza Hut Background Founded: 1957 Franchising since: 1959 While college students in Wichita, Kansas, Frank and Dan Carney were approached by a family friend with the idea of opening a pizza parlor. Inspired, the brothers borrowed $600 from their mother, purchased secondhand equipment and rented a small building on a busy intersection in their […]

Subway Restaurant Franchise

Franchising Subway Restaurant Background Founded: 1965 Franchising since: 1974 In 1965, 17-year-old Fred DeLuca and family friend Peter Buck opened Pete’s Super Submarines in Bridgeport, Connecticut. With a loan from Buck for only $1,000, DeLuca hoped the tiny sandwich shop would earn enough to put him through college. After struggling through the first few years, […]