How to Make Ice Cream – Chocolate Parfait?

Ice Cream – Chocolate Parfait Recipe Ingredients: 3 scoops chocolate flavor ice cream whipped cream chocolate syrup crushed pineapple chopped peanuts maraschino cherries Procedures: In a tall glass, squirt chocolate syrup on sides. Place scoops of ice cream on top of each other. Top the ice cream mound with whipped cream. Put a spoonful of […]

How to Make Ice Cream – Strawberry Parfait?

Ice Cream – Strawberry Parfait Recipe Parfait is a French word meaning “perfect”. In English, it has several meanings: French parfait, frozen custard made with cream, and usually with a fruit puree American parfait, a tall glass filled with ice cream, layered with various syrups, topped with whipped cream and a cherry Here is a […]

How to Make Ice Cream – Banana Split?

Ice Cream – Banana Split Recipe A Banana Split is an ice cream-based dessert originally invented by a 23-year-old apprentice pharmacist, who enjoyed inventing sundaes at the store’s soda fountain. He invented the banana-based triple ice cream sundae in 1904. A year or two later, historians say, a Boston ice cream entrepreneur came up with […]