Foods to Prepare for the Chinese New Year’s Day


Are you wondering what type of foods to prepare this coming Chinese New Year? Something that symbolizes good luck that when served on New Year’s Day will make you prosper that whole year round.

Here are some recipe suggestions that you can prepare for the Chinese New Year’s Eve:

  • Stuffed ChickenA “stuffed chicken” or “rellenong manok” is a famous chicken recipe usually prepared during Christmas or New Year celebration.

    “Stuffed Chicken” or “Rellenong manok” is a chicken recipe stuffed or filled with different ingredients that is tasty, colorful and delicious.

    Deboning the chicken is the hard part but you can have it deboned in the supermarket or in the place where you buy the chicken. Just add extra fee for deboning.

  • Yang Chow Fried RiceThe Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen, sees to it that every ingredient and dish is imbued with its own brilliance and lore. For example, vegetables considered cooling, such as bean sprouts, were stir-fried with ginger, which is warming. Or stir-fried and deep-fat fried dishes were eaten with poached or steamed dishes in the same meal to offset the fatty qualities of the fried dishes. Chinese cuisine uses spare amounts of protein and a minimum of oil. Carbohydrates comprise essentially 80 percent of the diet
  • Lumpiang Shanghai or Spring RollsLumpia originated from China which was brought to some part of Asia and also became popular all over the world. Its shape symbolizes Chinese money and represents wealth.
  • Sweet Corn and Crab SoupThis soup can be found in most of the Chinese restaurants. It may represent life and energy.

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