How to Deep-Fry Foods


To deep-fry means to cook a food submerged in hot fat / oil. Food breading or dipping in a batter before deep frying creates a protective coating between food and fat adding crispness, color and flavor to the food.

Here are some tips for deep frying:

1. Fry at proper temperature.

Fry at 350 to 375 degrees F. Too much grease in fried foods is usually caused by frying at too low temperature.

2. Don’t overload the frying basket.

Overloading greatly lowers fat temperature.

3. Use good quality fats.

The best fat / oil for frying have a high smoke point.

4. Replace 15 to 20 percent of the fat / oil with fresh one after use each day.

This process extends frying life.

5. Discard spent fat.

Old fats / oils losses frying ability, browns excessively and imparts off flavors.

6. Avoid frying strong and mild-flavored foods in the same fat.

French fries should not taste like fried fish.

7. Fry as close to service as possible.

Foods left for a long period of time moisturize quickly making the breading or coating soggy.

8. Protect fats from its enemies.

  • Heat: Turn off fryer or lower the heat when not in use.
  • Oxygen: Keep fat covered between services.
  • Water: Remove excess liquid from foods before frying. Keep liquids away from fryer to avoid spills.
  • Salt: Never salt foods over the fats.
  • Detergent: Rinse utensils well after cleaning.

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