Korean Foods


During eKusinero’s visit to Korea, it was noticed that most Korean foods are spicy (very spicy indeed!). Even those packed noodles are spicy. A better example is “kimchi”, this fermented vegetable is super spicy but Koreans include this stuff in every possible way in their daily menu, from appetizers, soups, main course, cakes and even pizzas and burgers. It was also noticed that pickling plays a great part of their cuisine.

When you order foods in a restaurant, for the starter, appetizers are served immediately. These spicy appetizers are mostly pickled vegetables.

A korean traditional meal is mainly compose of rice, appetizer and meat. Kimchi is always present in every meal.

Soups are a part of every meal. It is always served as part of the main course and not as a starter. This tradition can be attributed to the Buddhism culture which was introduced to Korea during the dynasty era and spreads and integrated in the Korean cuisine.

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