Leftover Ham Recipe


Leftover ham from the holiday feast may be used to prepare a variety of recipe. Here are some recipe which you can prepare for your family and friends:

1.  Omelettes

Ham can be great for any kind of omelette. For a simple one, you can dice it together with some onions and tomatoes then mix it with beaten eggs and dash it with salt and pepper and your breakfast or dinner will be great.

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2. Sandwiches

It can also be great for sandwiches. You can mix it with bacon, egg, cheese, meats or just plain ham and roll it in any bread of your preference such as French bread, American loaf or with the native bread (pandesal).

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3. Fried Rice

Ham is a good ingredient for fried rice. Dice it together with some carrots, peas and fried eggs. You can also mix it with seafood or any herbs you choose.

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4. Salads

One salad I made previously is a mixture of fruits and meat; and I chose ham for the meat which I find a perfect equalizer for the taste of sweet fruits.

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5. Pasta

The Chinese uses ham for their stir fry noodles. You can also try their way of cooking. You can use ham to make sauces for pasta. Just add some cream and herbs and its really great.

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