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eKusinero is Giving Away A Collection of Free Recipe Ebooks

A few years back, I posted recipe ebooks for downloading and the response was incredible. It was enjoyed by people around the world! This time, a collection of recipe ebooks will be sent directly to your inbox. On the right column, input your email and hit Subscribe. That’s all guys! Spread the word! Cheers!

13th Tour of the Fireflies

13th Tour Of The FireFlies

TOUR OF THE FIREFLIES Your eKusinero joined this year’s Tour of the Fireflies which according to the organizer expected 12,000 participants from different parts of the country. This is a yearly event organized by the Firefly Brigade which promotes bicycle for clean air and sustainable means of transportation. The tour passes through 6 Metro Manila […]

hot n spicy chicken

Hot and Spicy Chicken Recipe

HOT AND SPICY CHICKEN RECIPE Ingredients: 1 whole frying chicken, cut up and Marinated 6-8 cups shortening 1 egg, beaten 1 cup milk 2 cups all-purpose flour 2 1/2 teaspoons salt 3/4 teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon white pepper 3/4 teaspoon Cayenne Pepper 3/4 teaspoon MSG 1/8 teaspoon Garlic Powder 1/8 teaspoon Baking Powder Procedures: Trim […]


Foods to Prepare for the Chinese New Year’s Day

FOODS TO PREPARE FOR THE CHINESE NEW YEARS DAY Are you wondering what type of foods to prepare this coming Chinese New Year? Something that symbolizes good luck that when served on New Year’s Day will make you prosper that whole year round. Here are some recipe suggestions that you can prepare for the Chinese […]


The Most Common Cooking Mistakes

THE MOST COMMON COOKING MISTAKES Every cook, being human, errs, bungles, botches, and screws up in the kitchen once in a while. If you have not “caramelized” fruit in salt rather than sugar, you have not suffered the most embarrassing mistake. The creative cook can often cook her way out of a kitchen error, but […]

greek salad

Greek Salad Recipe

GREEK SALAD RECIPE Ingredients: 4 ripe tomatoes 2 tbsp of capers 12 green olives 200 gms. of feta or frescal cheese, cubed 1 onion, sliced 1 cucumber 1 green pepper, cut in strips olive oil vinegar salt Procedures: Cube tomatoes and cucumber and place in a bowl. Add the sliced onion and green pepper. Pour […]

kare kare

How to Cook Kare-Kare?

Kare-Kare Recipe Kare-kare is a Philippine stew, made from peanut sauce with a variety of vegetables, stewed oxtail, beef, and occasionally tripe. It is often eaten with bagoong (shrimp paste), sometimes spiced with chili, and sprinkled with calamansi lime juice. Traditionally, any Filipino fiesta (particularly in the Tagalog region) is not complete without this delicacy. Ingredients: 1/2 […]

Quick Vegetable Salad

Quick and Easy Vegetable Salad

QUICK AND EASY VEGETABLE SALAD Ingredients: 1/2 head lettuce 1 hard-boiled egg, sliced 2 carrots, peeled and chopped 1 slice bologna (optional), cut into small pieces 1 slice cheese (any kind), cut into small pieces 12 green olives (optional) 2 tbsp. vinegar 2 tbsp. olive oil pinch of salt pinch of pepper Procedures: Wash lettuce […]


Tempura ( Shrimp ) Recipe

SHRIMP TEMPURA RECIPE Ingredients: 12 large shrimps 1 egg 1 cup all purpose flour 1 cup ice water Vegetable oil for frying Procedures: Remove heads and shells from shrimps without removing tails. Devein the shrimps. Make two or three incisions in the stomach sides of the shrimps to straighten them. Lightly press the back of […]


What is The “After 6 Diet” Program

“After 6 Diet” Program When we talk about diet programs, one program that will surely come to our mind is the “After 6 Diet”. What does it mean? First, let us define the word “diet”. According to the vocabulary, “it is the entirety of food that we consume”, meaning, it is the overall quantity of […]


How to Deep-Fry Foods

HOW TO DEEP FRY FOODS? To deep-fry means to cook a food submerged in hot fat / oil. Food breading or dipping in a batter before deep frying creates a protective coating between food and fat adding crispness, color and flavor to the food. Here are some tips for deep frying: 1. Fry at proper […]


Pork Menudo Recipe

PORK MENUDO RECIPE Ingredients: 1/2 kilo pork, cut into small chunks 1/4 kilo pork liver, cut into small cubes 5 pieces chorizo de bilbao, cut in small pieces 5 pieces hotdog, cut into small pieces 4 potatoes, peeled and cut in small cubes 2 medium carrots, peeled and cut in small cubes 1 green bell […]

Adobong Baboy at Manok

How to Cook Braised Pork & Chicken (Adobong Baboy at Manok)?

Braised Pork & Chicken (Adobong Baboy at Manok) Recipe Adobo is one of the popular Philippine dish. Basically, it is pork or chicken or a combination of both although sometimes it can be a fish or beef. The meat is browned in oil and simmered until tender in a mixture of garlic, bay leaf, black […]


How To Prevent (Food) Vitamin Loss

HOW TO PREVENT FOOD VITAMIN LOSS Here are some tips on how to prevent food vitamin loss: Whenever possible, before peeling, wash vegeta¬bles whole under running water. Peel thinly or cook with skin on. Cut into large pieces. Raw vegetables and fruit salads: add a little lemon juice or vinegar to slow down vitamin C […]

pork steak recipe

How to cook pork steak?

PORK STEAK RECIPE Ingredients: * 1 kilo tender pork, sliced * 1 tablespoon kalamansi or lemon juice * 5 tablespoons soy sauce * 3 cloves of garlic * 1 small piece ginger, crushed * 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper * 1 cup onions, sliced in rings * 4 tablespoons cooking oil Procedures: 1. Marinate the […]

business franchise

7-Eleven Franchise

Welcome to 7-Eleven Franchising. Our doors are always open and our friendly store teams are ready to serve you. Come in to any 7-Eleven store and you’ll find a great selection of fresh, high-quality products at an everyday fair price, along with speedy transactions in a clean, safe, friendly shopping environment. What started out as […]