What is Braising?

Braising Technique in Cooking

Braising is the cooking method wherein large cuts of tough meats are seared in a covered container with an appropriate amount of liquid which will then form as the base of the sauce. Braising may also involve fish, seafood or vegetables Braising is usually done in an oven, crock pot or pressure cooker.

Braising is best defined as cooking the tough meat in a slow or medium heat for a period of time or until the tough meat becomes tender through the application of moist which then breaks the tough meat into a juicy, tender tasting meat. The broth of this cooking is then used as the sauce or the gravy for the dish.

Here are some cooking ingredients that are braised:


When braising meats with vegetables or fruits, please keep in mind that the fruits or vegetables cooks much quicker than the meat so its better to add those in a later period of time in order to avoid them getting overcooked.

A few basic steps to consider in braising:

  • It must be seared to give color or browning the meat.
  • It is then sauteed with other ingredients and cooked in slow or medium heat.
  • And lastly, place the dish in an oven or cook in a covered pot at a very low simmer until the meat is completely or fork tender.
  • Often the cooking liquid or broth is finished to create a sauce or gravy.

Braising is a good way of cooking for it really enhances the flavor of the dish. The long, slow simmering method enables to extract its juice which renders the dish flavorful and tender with a full-bodied sauce. The American dish called pot roast is actually a braised food.

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